Checking all round our creative and broadcast media outfits in Nigeria…Autoxpat thought it wise to acknowledge the efforts with impact-full skills of the 7 CEO and consolidating their struggle so far with befitting cars that suit each.

Number 7 on the list is Bisi Olatilo 

Chief Bisi Olatilo is a renounced media broadcaster per excellence with over 45 years  experience…His voice and personality back then on NTA speaks great volume of respect.

He is a nice breed broadcaster and also a great ally of professionalism…He is the proud owner of BISCON TV 

Chief Bisi Olatilo sincerely deserves a BMW M5 G-power Hurricane in his garage and the price tag is $800,000.


Number 6 on the list is Dele Momodu

Chief Dele Momodu’s amiable beginning was indeed a great panacea of humanity.

Having conquered all the hurdles in print media for over the years with impeccable pattern of articles and cover stories…He has also survived several tide in scaling through to the top as a renounced publisher of Ovation magazine  and Ovation online TV.

Chief Dele Momodu deserves a Mclaren in his garage…and the price tag on this car is $2.3 million dollars.

Number 5 on the list is Ayo Animashaun

Ayo Animashaun dated back in the early 90’s was a publisher of the popular Hip-hop magazine…Ayo unveils the platform for people to sing along with musical artistes lyrics. His passion for music metamorphosis into the creation of HIP TV  with the head crown success of The Headies Award …He is a good lover of exotic cars.

Ayo Animashaun is a media entrepreneur who deserves a Bugatti chiron  in addition to the fleets of cars in his garage…and the price tag is $2.9 million dollars

Number 4 on the list is Tajudeen Adepetu

Having worked relentlessly over several decades in the media industry as an independent television producer and CEO of Soundcity, ONTV and Trybe TV with countless experience in creating a good air wave platform for promoting quality music across the Sub Sahara Africa.

Tajudeen Adepetu deserves a Lamborghini Veneno in his garage …and the price tag on this car is $4.5 million dollars.

Number 3 on the list is MO Abudu

Mosunmola Abudu popularly called MO Abudu is a Nigerian media mogul and human resources consultant to many top class organisations… She went further to pitch a tent in a TV talk show known as “Moment with MO” which springs up her need for quality TV production.

Surprisingly Ebony life came up and everyone’s attention got glued to her unique broadcast channel enveloped with film productions, TV series and other interesting show…Her multimillionaire studio is indeed neck braking edifice.

Mosunmola Abudu deserves a $Pagani Zonda in addition to the cars in her garage and the price tag on this car $12.5 million dollars.

Number 2 on the list is Nduka Obiagbena

A strong man with a lion heart …A man of great virtue without error

He is veteran as far as the Nigerian media forum is concern…He founded This Day newspaper, which eventually took up the vendor’s desk as the most preferred option of the elite readers’

Nduka Obiagbena went further to roll his sleeves in the electronic media to establish Arise TV, which presently stood as a major competitor on our large TV screens across boards in terms of news content re-engineering and high profile personality interviews with constructive topical discussions.

Nduka Obiagbena deserves a Rolls Royce Sweptail in addition to the exotic cars in his garage…and the price tag on this car is $13 million dollars.

Number 1 on the list is John Momoh

John Momoh is unarguably  the model of standard in broadcasting template for so many other platforms to emulate…He is unique, structured, creative and innovative in bridging the gap between the elites and average Nigerians.A fearless leader with an exceptional eagle’s eyes to identify opportunities

He redefined the tales of our history Africa by instituting a platform for quality and professionals of young age, but with priceless intellectual capacity. He establish and owns channels TV and has nurtured it over the years to remain green as a one stop platform for all to tune at anytime for quality reportorial s and news.

John Momoh deserves a Bugatti la voitre noire and the price tag of this car is $19 million dollars.

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