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5 ways to prepare your car for rainy season,

Rain has become more frequent these days, while farmers and agricultural enthusiasts are grateful for the blessing of the rain, those who drive are concerned about their vehicle’s condition. The weather is unpredictable so its best to prepare your vehicle for the cold temperatures and freezing rain so you don’t get left out in the cold. Autoxparttvpro has highlighted 5 ways to prepare your car for rainy season.


1;Have Your Battery Checked

stranded in the rain with a dead battery is no fun, and can easily be avoided. The typical life span of a battery is between 3-5 years. Your battery will need extra muscle to start the engine through the cold mornings and will be tested to its limits. If your battery is over three years old you will want to have it checked for the rainy periods. A good indication that the battery is getting weak is when it starts to sound sluggish during cold start up. But why wait for your battery to be in the death throes? Any garage can perform a simple test for battery strength.

2;Radiator Coolant Flush.

Coolant in your radiator is known of course for keeping your engine cool in the summertime. However it also plays a vital role in protecting your engine block during freezing temperatures. Frozen coolant can expand inside the engine block and destroy it. That is why coolant is often described as “Anti-Freeze”. A coolant flush can easily be added to the “to do” list when you get your next oil change.

3;Fill the Windshield Washer.

Fluid Reservoir and Check Wipers Your windshield wipers will be seeing double duty during the rains. Top off the fluid and make sure you have a set of good blades on your car.

4;Make sure you have Correct Tires.

Do not underestimate the importance of good traction for the slippery roads. Make sure that the tires that you have on your car are appropriate for the weather conditions that you will encounter. Check to make sure your tires – including the spare – are properly inflated.

5. Keep Your Gas Tank Full A gas tank that is nearly empty could result in condensation forming on the inside walls of the gas tank. Fluctuating temperatures can result in water getting inside the tank. It’s never a good idea to run your tank to near-empty any time of the year because you run the risk of getting stranded. However the damage with a near-empty tank in the rain could result in starting and running problem.



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