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What Are The Consequences Of Putting Too Much Oil In Car?

Do not be subjective about too much oil in car or overfilling engine oil in car. Sometimes the user will not pay attention to this small detail (or maybe ignore it). If this condition occurs for a long time, the gap of the gasket will be larger, causing oil to flow out more. The performance of the engine will be affected by the leakage of oil, parts of the engine that are not lubricated enough, rubbed on a long time will be broken, the consequences of it extremely bad. For more, we will discuss about this situation and the reasons that causing too much oil in car.

What Are The Consequences Of Putting Too Much Oil In Car?

Sometimes you check and see too much oil in car or engine, and maybe sometimes you accidentally pour too much oil during engine maintenance? You think that more oil will help the engine to operate more smoothly. But it is different in fact. Let’s find out the problem.

1. Pressure on the head and tails of the crankshaft

Couplet  and ends of the crankshaft are used to prevent the lubricant from leaking out of the engine, mainly in the parts adjacent to the pulley (crankshaft) or the flywheel side (tail shaft). The more pouring the oil, the less cacti contain less air. When the engine is in operation, the piston moves up and down to produce a thrust pressure. Consequently, the cacti oil produces a higher pressure on the cactus and is more dangerous than on the ends and ends of the crankshaft. These gaskets are quite fragile and easy to let the oil spill out of the engine. Particularly the flywheel side and can cause the oil to spill over the clutch.

2. Engine overload

As explained above, too much oil will push the pressure in the cacti higher, which can cause the oil to overflow through exhaust pipe. The role of this exhaust pipe is to help remove the oil vapor in the cactus and reduce the pressure generated by the up and down process of piston. Instead of exhausting the oil that pollutes the environment, it removes oil vapor back into the combustion chamber through the air inlet. In case there is too much oil in the cactus, the oil can be run back through the pipe, entering the combustion chamber through the inlet neck. As a result, the suction hose is blocked by oil soot.

3. The crankshaft and wrist are curved

Too much oil in car causes the crankshaft and the crane to suffer more friction when exposed to oil. Excessive resistance caused by engine oil causes them to bend and cause breakage.

4. Catalytic converter of exhaust gas

The re-circulation of the oil back into the combustion chamber as mentioned above causes a black smoke, thick and greasy, after a period of time that can destroy the catalytic converter as well as the diesel particle filter (FAP). As a result, turbo rupture is even possible.

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