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Wonder what are all the digits & number on your plate means?

Wonder what are all the digits & number on your plate means? Let’s join us to decode Nigeria plate number abbreviation!

1. Decoding Nigeria plate number abbreviation

In every country around the world, you will find plate numbers on virtually every car, Nigeria is no exception. A plate number is one of the government’s established means of identification of vehicles. Obviously, a bulk of vehicles come in the same model, color and features, so distinguishing between them will be impossible.

There are different formations of number plates, depending on country preference. In Nigeria, the unique format is something like this:


The first three letters represent the Local Government Area where the vehicle was registered, then three digits and two other letters follow.

The two last letter codes are mainly for numbering. For example, the number series will go from 001AA to 999AA before moving onto 001AB to 999AB and so on. However, the former letter is used to distinguish types of vehicles in some cases. For instance, A means private vehicles, X means taxi and commercial transports, Q refers to bikes and tricycles and H is for hilux vans.

Generally, the license plates are white, while the plate number is imprinted in blue. You may have noticed other kinds of number plates, some in red and some in green.


A Lagos state plate number


For commercial vehicles, the plate number is imprinted in red, government plates are in green, then diplomatic plates are imprinted in purple and green, with white lettering. For diplomatic plates, the first two or three digits indicate the country the car’s owner represents, then two letters and numbers follow.

As mentioned earlier, the first three letters represent the local government the car was registered, this could be in any state in Nigeria.

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