THUMB Guide to Clubbing, a new video series starring some of our favorite DJs and producers. Every week, our team of experts will guide you through the ins and outs of the club experience, from skipping lines to chatting up bartenders.

This week, DJ and party-starter LSDXOXO, Fool’s Gold co-founder Nick Catchdubs,  the pride of the Jersey club scene UNIIQU3,  New York’s Tygapaw,  Philly clubber and DJ Gun$ Garcia, and club institution Nick HOOK divulge their hangover and all-night-clubbing hacks for how to survive the day after a big club night. These party aficionados weigh in on whether to stay in bed and wallow or push through the pain; to load up on greasy carbs or stick to bananas; on who wins the title of hangover helper champion, Pedialyte or Gatorade. You might already have your own day-after ritual, but hey, anyone who’s been there knows you’ll try anything if it helps.

Sobering up

When it’s time to head home, or if you find yourself in a “still lit” morning after situation, it’s all about getting the bad stuff out and supplementing with something your body actually wants. If you need to purge whatever’s going on inside you, Tygapaw’s advice is kind of like Nike’s: just do it. “There are no proud moments in this situation,” she says.

After that point, Gun$ Garcia likes to hit her body with a one-two punch of something healthy, and then something awful. “The best thing to do is to eat something healthy even if you don’t crave it,” she says. Nick Hook agrees. He likes to make himself some honey, ginger, and lemon tea first thing, while Tygapaw recommends the magical concoction known as coconut water. LSDXOXO goes in the other direction. “When you leave the club the night before,” he says, “the best thing to do is get something really greasy to combat the alcohol in your system.” Or if you find yourself in shoes similar to UNIIQU3’s, just grab a blunt and switch up your substance.

When sleeping isn’t an option

We can’t always sleep the pain away when we’re hungover. Maybe you have work, or brunch plans, or you have another event to attend on your busy social calendar. In that situation, Nick Hook says “mind over matter, every single time.” Persevere!

“Usually I put on like three times as much makeup when I’m hungover just so I feel that I look like a human being compared to how I actually feel on the inside,” admits Gun$ Garcia. If you really have to head to work then make sure you have a pair of sunglasses handy and “camouflage,” says Nick Catchdubs. If you’ve got another party to attend later on where you don’t want to be a shell of a human being, LSDXOXO suggest you just keep drinking. We’ll stay silent on that one.

Preventing hangovers altogether

If you simply must turn up, there are a bunch of simple tricks these pros have honed over the years that can help reduce the next day’s treachery. Most of them involve preparation and hydration. Gun$ Garcia recommends you stay far, far away from sugary drinks. Instead, she opts for shots with a big glass of club soda in between. Nick Catchdubs is on the same hydration wavelength.

“The key to morning after survival is preparation,” says Catchdubs. “So on your walk home, stop by the bodega and grab a gatorade.” Then just put it by your bed so when you wake up, its hydrating electrolytes can bring you back to life. UNIIQU3 opts for the soothing waters of everyone’s favorite baby drink—and headache medicine. “Definitely have the aspirin on deck,” she says. “Some people say pedialyte works.”

But really, the only way to learn from your mistakes and avoid the hangover is moderation. “Sometimes the two drink night out is just as fun as the 20,” says Nick Catchdubs. “The only real way to cheat that is temperance.”

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