Fuse is a protective device in the car . It helps to protect component on your vehicle. E.g the fuel pump is controlled by fuse, the fuse will not allow power surge to damage the fuel pump.
A fuse is rated according to their capacity and power, each fuse we have in fuse box has different colours and the essence for the colours is to be able to differentiate between the different amperage of fuse we have in the car.

When you see a fuse box, you will see an array of fuses containing different colours, the ones that has the same colur have the same amperage with their different amperages. However, the circuit of those amperages can break if ther is voltage above the the respected amperage.

We should me mindful of the fuse when it becomes damaged due to overloading on the fuse because when it happens it can lead to fire outbreak in your vehicle.

The origin of all the fuse your vehicle system is from the fuse box. When a fuse become burnt make you change or replace the fuse with the right fuse and ensure that you are not overloading the fuse. Engineer Sunday.

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