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The most common causes of engine misfires are: worn spark plugs, weak fuel injector, vacuum leak, worn valve seals, carbon tracking, and no voltage at the coil. Misfiring engines should be looked at as soon as possible, as the problem can worsen over time and damage internal components of the vehicle.

Engine Misfire Symptoms

There are several different symptoms that you can feel when it comes to engine misfiring;

1. Rough Acceleration

When a misfire occurs, you can feel it like a light or massive jerk coming from the engine. These misfires do often come under load from the engine, and you have the most load on the engine when you are accelerating on higher RPMs and higher gears. Rough acceleration is a typical sign of that your engine is misfiring.

2. Rough Idle

Sometimes the engine will misfire on Idle also, and your engine sensors will get faulty values, and the air-fuel mixture will get messed up. This can cause a very uneven idle which can jump up and down and the engine may also shut off on idle.

3. Vibrations

A car engine is very balanced from the factory and often with balance axles and different tricks to get as few vibrations from it as possible. When one cylinder is not firing correctly, the engine will get unbalanced, and this can cause heavy vibrations inside your cabin on acceleration or at idle.

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