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Road safety tips to Avoid accident while driving

Being involved in a traffic accident is a horrible experience which no driver will want to have. According to research, over 70% of road accidents are caused by human errors and therefore could have been avoided.

The tips listed below will help to reduce and minimize road accidents if properly followed. You should ensure that you remain vigilant and observant while driving because your responsiveness can help you to prevent an accident.

1. Avoid alcohol and drugs before driving.

2. Stay away from distractions, such as, using your phone, chatting with passengers, eating and so on.

3. Pay attention to the road, your driving, and other road users.

4. Never assume to know what the intentions of other drivers.

5. Always indicate before you turn or change lanes.

6. Never driver without your seatbelts, make sure other passengers buckle up too.

7. Obey all traffic rules and regulations.

8. Do NOT go beyond the speed limit.

9. Always be cautious and patient.

10. Use your headlights, when you should.

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