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How to maintain your car’s wiper blades

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The car wiper blades together form one important aspect of the car that you will certainly notice if absent. This is because it is very vital for effective safe driving, especially in rainy weather. It’s the job of the wiper blades to clear the windshield of water and fog for a clear view while the rain lasts. Wipers are also effective in snowy weather, or in a dusty environment.

For many car owners, changing wiper blades every six months, even when they are still in good condition, is seen as a duty and as a safety measure. Unfortunately, others use it till it’s practically unusable before they change it.

Here are the various ways to maintain your car’s wiper blades.

1. Chose the right blades

To maintain your wiper blades is one thing while getting original wiper blades to begin with is totally a different kettle of fish. No matter how well you care for a wiper blade, if it’s not of good quality it will always disappoint. It is best you spend more money and purchase windshield blades which won’t fail on the job down the line.

There are so many wipers blades for sale, and it may not depend on the brands. It is best to buy one that is made of silicon. This is because silicon made blades perform better and last longer.

2. Cleaning them regularly

It is important you should always clean your wipers blades to remove excess dust and grime from them.

As you use them to wipe your windshield, there are high chances that some dirt particles can accumulate in the edge of the wipers or the part where it is held in the wiper arm. These particles can leave dirt residue whenever the wiper blades wipe the windshield as time goes on. If the dirt in there accumulates, you can also use white vinegar to clean your blades too. It is a natural chemical free substance that helps to disinfect and remove germs and dirt.

3. Always check your blades

Inspect your blades, check for signs of discoloration or peelings. Since they are always outside the car, they are always exposed to the UV radiation from the sun which causes it to deplete and split. It’s best to change a wiper blade than to change a complete windshield. Also, don’t forget to also inspect the wipers blades at the back of your car, since some people tend to forget this.

4. Using a rubber protector

Using a good rubber protector is another way to maintain your wiper blades for it to last long. There are many brands of these sold in the market and it all depends on your choice and how effective they are.

This protector helps to shield the wipers blades to maintain its original property and keep it clean and reassured.

5. Usage

In addition to caring or maintaining your blades, bear in mind that you should not excessively use your blades when ‘it’s not needed’.  Overusing the windshield blades makes them weak and less effective. Also, you shouldn’t use your blades to wipe out thick or sticky contents on your windshield. This can make it heavy to move about or even break.

Maintaining your car’s wipers blades will ensure you have safe and pleasurable driving experience.

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