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Carpenter Dad Carves Wooden VW Beetle Car for Two Years, Gifts Daughter on Her Birthday

A 56-year old Bienvenido Ortega promised his daughter Eneli that he would gift a wooden car to her on her birthday. He promised her when she was 13 years and visited her in New York on her 15th birthday. He drove the car for about 3500 miles from his home to New York and gave her the best unforgettable birthday gift.

wood car 2
Bienvenido lived in Peru since the year 2010 and worked as a skilled carpenter for more than 40 years. When his daughter asked him for a special gift on her birthday, he took it as a challenger and created a life-sized working model car. The highly-skilled father is from the Dominican Republic. As per the reports, she struggled for more than 8 months on the project and shaped it in 2 years of time. He got separated from his wife. His wife leads their life in New York with her daughter, three sons and her mother.

After separating from his first wife, Bienvenido remarried another woman. He said, ‘My wife supports me in this madness and she wants me to finish the story, enjoy it with my daughter and then return quickly because she is already five months pregnant.’

wood car sm

As per the reports, the father carved a total of his 9 children names on the car into the boot. People who knew this thing immediately took their social media accounts and admired him towards his fantastic work. Some of them congratulated him and marked it as incredible stuff. The 17th birthday of his daughter is in the month of July. We hope this man will deliver this Volkswagen Beetle by the time of his daughter’s birthday.

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Credit : laughingcolours.com

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