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common mistakes when washing your car at home

Car washing is an art. That’s right. To wash your car, you don’t need just a bucket of water and some kind of cleaning liquid, detergent or soap to do your thing.  No, you also must have the right technique and this is true whether you are doing it at home or it’s being done for you at a car wash.

Your car is a valuable property and should be handled with care if it’s going to last long.

Some stuff we do when we wash our vehicles is pretty harmful to the automobile. Here are the top mistakes you may make when washing your car.

1.Recycling dirty water

Like they say: what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander; any water you can’t comfortably use in bathing or washing your clothes, shouldn’t be used for washing your car. Using dirty water to wash your car can fade away the paint. So it’s best to always use clean water.

Also, when you are done washing your car, you should not pour the remaining dirty soapy water on the body of your car. Just throw it away.  Simple, right?

2. Using the wrong cleaning product

This is making the first place on our list because many people habitually do it and don’t have a clue it’s so wrong. Stop using detergent or soaps made for washing clothes or home-wares on your vehicle. These detergents are specially produced for washing clothes or dishes and they contain active ingredients in them. Some of these chemicals are really bad for your car paint or finishing as they can cause the paint on your car to fade gradually.

There are specially made car detergents or liquid cleaning products for cars, use them. Now if your car has a tiny scratch on it, some of these detergents for cars contain synthetic wax also known as sealers. They help fill in those little scratches to make it shiny.

3. Using old rags instead of sponge

That you have an old rag sitting idle somewhere does not mean it automatically has a job and will be useful for washing your car. If you are the type that is fond of using an old worn out cloth as your car sponge, you need to stop and dispose of it.

Car sponges are meant to be soft in texture. You shouldn’t be caught using a harsh cloth that can scratch away your car paint. Soft foam is sold around us and they don’t really cost much.

This also applies to towel use in cleaning the inside of your car. You should also keep in mind that you shouldn’t use the same towel or foam used in washing the body/ tire of your car to wash or clean the windscreen and your car interior. Get a separate foam or towel for each part.

4. Washing major car parts only

For some of us, car wash equals focusing on the body of the car without touching the any other part. Hello, it’s not just the outer shell of your car that needs cleaning; pay attention to the inside; the windshield wipers, tires, and other parts of the car. Remember, you don’t need to scrub hard but wash them gently enough to remove dirt.


5. Washing car in the hot sun

 When you visit a professional car wash, you will notice a canopy above the car stand where the car is being washed. This is not for decorative purposes; it executes the very useful function of preventing the hot sunlight from hitting the body of the cars when being washed. The chemicals in your car wash detergents do not react well with the paint on your car under hot sunlight. If the car is exposed to the sun when washed, it dims the shiny color and leaves stains.

6.  Using too much cleaning products inside

We want the inside of our cars to smell fresh especially after washing, but using too much cleaning products inside is not a good idea. Spraying a little of the product can go a longer way than you planned and may damage electrical components, if you are not careful. So, it’s best to dampen the towel with the spray content before introducing it to your car. This will be moist enough to remove any debris.

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