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Boost your Engine Performance with Addinol Lubricant

Do you know the same fuel type sells all over the filling stations in Nigeria?
You keep complaining about poor engine performance like overheating, cold start behaviour and engine knocks.

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You begin to wonder! How do you get the best from that car worth a fortune.
The sound from your car’s engine isn’t even nice and you need a boost.
Don’t always blame it on your mechanic or your regular gas station like the popular song says.

Perhaps, the fuel is dirty or the lubricant you often buy isn’t suitable for your car, not everyone knows that though.
Now the solution is HERE; ADINOL!

Addinol fuel system cleaner lubricates and protects the fuel system, removes carbon deposits and contamination from the entire fuel system, removes gum and varnish from the entire fuel system. It also increases the life span of the engine.

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Addinol octane Fuel Booster boosts engine performance, protects against friction and wear. It also stops the engine from knocking , pinking, run-on and overheating, and also,increase the octane level by up to 5 points dependent on fuel quality.

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Addinol Flushing Oil Super completely removes used oil and gives maximum cleanliness to the engine. It dissolves sludge and deposits , as well as improve engine performance after flushing.

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– Finally, Addinol Brake Fluid gives excellent corrosion protection, good compatibility with sealing materials , high chemical and thermal stability.

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With Addinol range of lubricants, your engine returns to its original performance and you don’t need to worry anymore.

Addinol! The Art of Oil Since 1936.
For inquiries, call: 08130305435

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