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10 Basic Car Maintenance Tips

It is really not difficult to keep your car in a good shape. Below are some basic maintenance tips for your car:

1. Keep all the fluids (e.g. engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant e.t.c.) clean and topped up.

2. Read your car owners manual, it has all the information on car maintenance as well as safety precautions.

3. Follow your maintenance schedule, there is a number of things that need to be regularly serviced or replaced at certain intervals (e.g. brakes, air filter, timing belt, spark plugs, e.t.c.)

4. Check tire pressure regularly.

5. Change your windshield wiper if they don’t clean properly.

6. Wash and wax your vehicle once in a while to keep the car finish shiny and protected from corrosion.

7. Deal with any problems as soon as they arise before they become more serious and require expensive repairs.

8. Use only original parts.

9. At least once in a year have your car checkout by an auto mechanic.

10. Do not ignore the check lights and symbol on your dashboard, the earlier you attend to such warning, the better.

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