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The Dangers Of Driving With One Headlight At Night

Driving at night is always somewhat more risky than doing same by day. You take the risk up a notch doing so with one headlight. It can be a death trap!

Driving with one headlight is shockingly all too common in Nigeria. The reasons are endless. For some, the headlamp suddenly blinked out, for others it is the old excuse of no time or money to fix it.
Be that as it may, driving with one headlight is not only dangerous, it also displays a vagrant disregard for the lives of other road users.

In Nigeria, the roads are not always the best they can be. When you factor in the added risk of plying those roads at night, then you begin to wonder at the lunacy of doing so with one head lamp only.
If you must enter the road with your car at night (most especially highway), make sure both headlights of your car are working properly. If one of them is bad or completely blind, ensure you have your Hazard lights (aka “one-way-light”) ON until you get the headlights fixed.

You may not know how deadly it can be using one headlight at night especially when it comes to all these heavy duty vehicles. One bling headlight at night can be very deceptive and can lead to head-on collision if care us not taken.

If your Hazard lights are not working too, just leave you car at home and walk.
Keeping the Hazard lights ON can be a life saver.
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Consequences of night driving with one headlight
These are the most likely effects or consequences of driving with one headlight:

1. Mistaken for a 2- wheeler or 3-wheeler vehicle
It is common for most drivers to drive by experience and feel in the night. This is because you really can’t see everything once the sun sleeps. The automatic conclusion any driver first reaches on seeing a single headlight in the distance is bike or Keke. The driver then adjusts the steering wheel to make adequate room for the motorbike or tricycle to pass. It might be too late before he or she realizes their error.

2. Limited visibility
I mean let’s face it, even with the best of headlights, your visibility, driving at night is at best decreased or at worst seriously impaired. It then follows that a single headlight is only going to cost you the loss of even more candle power in illumination.

3. Danger to you and others
Of course the final outcome of your inability to see well, or for others to see you well would eventually be some sort of collision. The seriousness of the encounter would be dependent on whether you hit a truck, small vehicle, or pedestrian. Either way, the consequences could well be fatal.

4. Arrest
Yes, heads up! You could be arrested because it’s illegal to drive with just one headlamp!

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