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₦99 million worth of Lamborghini Huracan wrecked at a supercar meet show off

An owner of a Lamborghini Huracan has recently wrecked it while trying to impress people at a supercar show.

Recently, an owner of a grey Lamborghini Huracan Performante worth ₦99m wrecked the car while showing off to people during supercar meet in London. In the bid of trying to impress people with his supercar, he ended up crashing at against the brick walls and a tree. This was a 640 horsepower car that could run at insane speed.

The owner, a very wealthy man, tried his luck speeding up on a narrow road with cars on the sides. His imagination really outran him and nearly cost him his life. The moment he took off, he lost grip of the mid-engine supercar made by the Italian automaker, Lamborghini. Eventually the supercar went smashing across the war into a wall and a tree. Luckily for him, nobody was injured.


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