The HoverBIKE  looks a bit like what you’d get if you crossed a motorcycle with a quadcopter. It has a seat for one rider and four horizontally mounted electric propellers controlled by a pair of joysticks.The Hoverbike S3 has a top speed of 47 mph and can technically hover at different altitudes

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The bike can stay aloft for about 25 minutes, and its batteries can be swapped out so that recharge time doesn’t intrude into its main mission of scaring away pedestrians with blades that can puree them.but Dubai has decided to get for their police department,well for hard to get places because of some safety issues. Thankfully the center of Dubai is not heavy on electrical wiring — most of it is underground, but there are some other practical issues to worry about, aside from the safety issue of exposed propellers


Also, these things don’t come cheap: Get ready to pay about $207,000 if you want to get one, which also explains why it’s Dubai that’s getting these things.