It is quite easy to pick up some bad driving habits, especially during the first few years following your driving test. With time, these habits gets into our subconscious that we barely realise how dangerous they actually can be.
It’s important that when you’re on the road, you pay attention and be aware of your surroundings and other drivers to avoid mishaps.
Here are some common driving habits present amongst motorists today and ways to break loose from these habits:
1. Distracted driving: This has become one of the major causes of road accidents globally. Almost everyone has his/her phone in their hands while behind the wheels; whether they are texting, browsing, checking mails, e.t.c and sometimes, changing radio stations. Few seconds of these distractions could lead to road accident as this habit takes the driver’s eyes off the road — long enough for an accident to occur.
Ways to break the habit of distracted driving include; using hands-free Bluetooth Connection, turning off your phone while driving, giving your phone to your kids or using Apps that disable use of phone while driving.

546b07c725c95_-_hwy-page-5-lg2. Driving under the influence: This has remained the primary cause of road accidents across the world. According to statistics, three people are killed every two hours in an alcohol-related car accident. Alcohol impairs your ability to drive and, more importantly, increases the chances of making a wrong judgement while driving.

Driving under the influence can compromise your reaction time very significantly, enough to cause serious damage to yourself and others.
To avoid driving under the influence, choose a designated driver, ask someone who is not consuming alcohol for a ride, protect others you think want to drive after consuming alcohol by taking their car keys away, and be aware of other drivers around you.

driving alcohol

3. Driving without a seat belt: Wearing a seat belt is such a pretty simple thing to do but some drivers are surprisingly hesitant about it.
The use of seat belts is of utmost importance for not only for our safety.
Vehicles are now equipped with a seat belt alarm which beeps repeatedly until the driver and his/her passenger in the front seat wear the belts.
Always ensure you buckle up before driving (or riding in a car) and be aware of the proper way to put a seat belt on.
4. Over speeding: Over Speeding is that driving habit that a number of us have been guilty of us before.
Speeding reduces the driver’s ability to have complete control over the vehicle and also increases the distance required to stop.
To avoid over speeding, ensure you know the rules of the road, be aware of current speed limits in your environment and ensure you set out early to avoid being late.


5. Driving closely behind a Truck: Driving closely behind a truck is a dangerous habit that not only affects your visibility, but also restricts the time you need to react in the event of an unexpected stop from the truck ahead.

So, it’s advisable to keep a reasonable distance from the truck when on the road.


6. Drowsy driving: Sometimes the body feels tired, overworked, stressed, and requires some rest but owing to the fact that you want to get to your destination in no time, you drive nonetheless, which is pretty bad.
Whenever you feel tired or sleepy, it’s advisable not to go behind the wheels as you never can tell, you might just doze off at some point while driving.
So, it’s always advisable that whenever you’re drowsy, you park , take a nap, freshen up before continue driving or better still, you get someone else to drive you to your destination.