What First Class Looks Like on Different Airlines

33d63a3e-ee50-41f2-8792-131ca54aa02b1 1500,1500-54931309d4244726bbbb35d8767f2254-etihad-airbus-a380-first-class-apartment-vanity-mirror-flipper Delta-Air-Lines-offers-private-jet First_Class_Cabin first-class-flights jpegNot all first class airline cabins are made the same. There are many cool first class cabins out there, but the airlines with the best first class features and benefits are always trying to up their games. When it comes to luxury travel, airlines can’t afford to sleep on the newest, most innovative features. After all, first-class customers can easily patronize a different airline with better amenities.

The best first class cabins on airlines offer a range of services. You need a cabin that offers a seat, or suite, that will allow you to either relax or be productive depending on your needs at any given time. With that in mind, a seat that lays fully horizontal, or nearly horizontal, is almost a necessity for long haul flights. It is also important to have a wide variety of entertainment options and the ability to plug in and work as if you were in an office as opposed to being in the sky.

The other big sell here is the food that these high-end airlines offer. The days of the standard (and awful) airline meal are gone forever in the first class cabins at least. Most airlines worth your time have specially crafted menus and you will often find that pictures of first class on different airlines focus on the food as much as the seating.

With so many options of which airline to fly with, it is important to know some of the cooler features out there. So if you want to know what first class looks like on different airlines, keep reading and vote up the first class cabins you’d most want to travel in.

Cool Features:
  • First class private apartments are big enough to stand and walk around in.
  • Onboard chef provides meals as requested from his pantry of ingredients.
  • Lounge area between first and business class to kick back and relax
  • Onboard shower to get refreshed before landing.
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