An expressway is a highway that is dedicated to faster speed,unlike ordinary street roads. It often has more than one lane.

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The following points must be understood before you can drive safely on the expressway;

1. Ensure your vehicle is fit enough to cope with speed on the expressway.

2. Concentrate on driving. Little distractions can lead to ghastly crashes. Use your mirrors at all times.

3. When joining expressways , ensure you accelerate fast to catch up with the speed of other road users.  Do not over speed, to avoid confusing other motorists that could lead to accidents.

4. Do not drive too closely to the vehicle in front of you. Leave a reasonable gap between your car and the vehicle.

5. Do not reverse on the highway. If  you miss your way, proceed to the next exit. Reversing on highways can lead to accidents.

6. If you have to overtake,do so smoothly, not in a way that will cause confusion or a crash. Only overtake on the left side.

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7. If you have a problem with your vehicle,pull out of the way of the road very well and post a suitable signal to alert other vehicles.

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