Road Etiquette & Politeness is a driving culture that cannot be overemphasized . In order to create a strong base of better road safety, here are some important Road Etiquette & Politeness rules that should be adhered to by road users.

1. Treat others like you want to be treated. Be caring, polite, well mannered and relaxed!

2. Always use your indicator and signal where you want to go as
this protects you and other road users. When you see somebody indicating, allow them to move and do not block them.

3. In the vehicle, you are in the stronger position – hence be caring, considerate and polite to pedestrians and obey the signs at zebra crossings.

4. When parking, be mindful of others, use only 1 parking slot, don’t bump your door in your neighbor’s car. Do not block others, obey ‘no parking’ signs and do not stop on highways.images 5. Respect the driver in front of you – don’t bully them and keep a safe distance. If you see faster vehicles approaching from behind, leave the fast lane and let them pass.

6. It is not ideal to use your rear fog light if there is no fog as you could blind others and put yourself in danger. So, only use your rear fog light in fog,rain,or in low visibility situations. The bright fog light may overpower your breaking lights and oncoming traffic might end up not seeing your breaking lights.

Traffic lights obedience
7. If you want to turn right after the traffic light, queue in the right lane. Do not cut over lanes right after the traffic light switches to green.

images (2)8.  Honking incessantly can be irritating for everyone on the road, so don’t just honk because you’re frustrated at another driver. Instead, honk only to warn other drivers that they’re coming too close to you or if someone is stopped at a green light. Be aware that different honks might signify different warnings to other drivers.