Many at times, we say the word ‘what if’; what if i was there earlier, what if i could have done something to save him or her?

911 image

You might have lost someone so dear to a road accident that you were sure could have been avoided only if prompt response or help was rendered. Have you ever witnessed a road accident and wished you could do something to help but had no clue what to do who to call?

Or you even took a step further and took the patient to a hospital but met with rejection or false accusation?  And again, you were scared and had to watch the patient die.

Here are some few tips to help an eyewitness in case of an emergency.

  1. Don’t just stare at the victim or  start record with your smart phone as seen is some accident scenes whereby a victim could have been saved if help was rendered but then eye witness were busy videoing rather than offer help
  2. If you are scared of rendering help for fear of the patient’s dying, you can call the following help numbers depending on the accident.