The much anticipated Land Rover Defender, cited by many as the greatest SUV of all time is set to return and ready for purchase by 2020, after being discontinued in 2016..

The Land Rover Defender which was reportedly spotted undergoing cold-weather testing under a heavy disguise has five doors and looks quite similar in size to the Range Rover Sport with a more traditional two-box shape.

The car’s disguise completely covers its bonnet, which has been flattened off and left with a sharp leading edge, while large padded sections around the windows hide finer details.

The new design was supposed to be ready for production in 2015, just before they phased out the classic design. Unfortunately, there were frequent changes in its design, which led to a delay in the conclusion of the design.


The new design of this Land Rover  Defender will retain a flat roof, as well as a boxy-like body design, which most fans want to see. It’s powertrains will include an inline-4 2.0 Litre turbocharged engine, a V-6 3.0 Liter supercharged engine, and maybe a plug-in hybrid setup.

Some of its distinguishing features will be durability, robustness, and reliability.