Including a garage space in building plans has become a thing of the past. And sometimes, As a result of this, cars are usually left exposed to the harsh weather conditions, theft, amongst others.

And for some few houses with garages, they are now used for a lot of other things like storing foodstuffs or home workshops.

But here are a few reasons explaining why one still needs to consider having a proper garage space.

  1. Protects your vehicles From Elements

Parking inside a garage protects the vehicle from the elements of nature that it would otherwise be exposed to if left outside. Rain, mud, wind, extreme heat from the sun, etc can all damage the exteriors of your vehicles. Also, exposing your vehicles to these elements could lead to formation of dirts and acid on the vehicle’s paint, as well as rust of metallic parts.

2. Keeps vehicles more safe and secure

Vehicles in a locked garage are generally safer and more secure. Even with modern auto alarm systems, leaving your vehicles parked in your driveway is an open invitation to car thieves.

Also, the contents inside your vehicle are more vulnerable to theft when left in driveways and you can have the windows broken or body scratched by vandals.


3. Keeps vehicles exterior looking great

Vehicle exteriors are kept in much better condition when stored in a garage which can lead to greater resale values.

4. Engine stays lubricated

Garage keeps vehicles warm, the fluid and oil are kept in a stable condition which leads to an engine that runs better than one that is kept outside.

5. Your Car Will Look Better for Longer

Keeping your car sheltered from all the ‘stuff’ and debris of the outdoors will keep it looking better. Pulling your car into the garage each evening will protect it from dust, nightly dewfall, and a range of other stuff that are typical of an outdoors environment.