The needs of 4×4 motorists are both demanding and often highly specific to the driver’s needs and as such require tyres which can rise to the challenge. Whether you’re looking for off-road capability and durability, on-road driving comfort or a mixture of both you can be sure Tyre Shopper has the tyres for you.

We have tyres to fit the most popular 4×4 vehicles including Land Rover, Jeep, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Citroen, Honda, Porsche, Ford, Nissan, VW and Fiat to name but a few.

We stock 4×4 tyres for all major brands including Bridgestone Tyres, Continental Tyres, Dunlop Tyres, Goodyear Tyres, Michelin Tyres and Pirelli Tyres. We also offer mid-range alternatives such as Avon Tyres, Uniroyal Tyres and Toyo Tyres plus great value budget ranges such as Barum and many more.

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The requirements of 4×4 tyres are complex and specific to the motoring needs; whether drivers are looking for off-road use, driving on rough terrain or increasingly for on-road use as part of a luxury or family vehicle and they continue to be one of the fastest growing tyre products in the UK.

Performance and luxury 4×4 tyres Modern 4×4 vehicles require high performance 4×4 tyres which bear similar properties to their car tyre counterparts, providing excellent grip and road holding for responsive handling. These are mostly for on-road use (95% on-road) as they do not provide much grip off-road in unpredictable conditions.

Similarly, the higher end 4×4 vehicles are often fitted with luxury 4×4 tyres as standard which share many performance tyre characteristics and also provide excellent comfort and low noise levels for on-road use.