The idea of going on a trip out of Nigeria to other West African countries can be exciting for adventurous people but, while people travel every day to other West African cities such as Cotonou, Togo, Accra & Cameroon, either by Air or Road. They leave excited and sometimes return discouraged.

Many first time flyers worry about arriving without the necessary paperwork to board their flight and this can make for a nervey first trip to the airport. The main point to remember here is that the most important document is your passport, make sure it’s up to date and ideally has at least three months to go before its expiry whenever you travel.


Everything you need to know when travelling to a neighboring country by Air;

  1. Your Nigeria passport and yellow fever card are essential: most people assume that they can just freely travel from Nigeria to neighboring West African countries without their International passport as they are all members of ECOWAS nations and have their Visa waived, but that is not the case.
  2. Research about your airfare and tickets if you are travelling by air, and look up entry regulations as every country has its own set of regulations to entry.
  3. Change currencies before setting out: the naira is only relevant for buying and selling within the country and so, you will need to use the currency of whatever country you are visiting to be able to make purchases there. You have to ensure you visit any bank of choice or ‘bureau de change’ to trade the money you need for the trip before you set out.
  4. Note there are different time zones: we may all be African countries, but different countries operate in different time zones. For instance, Nigeria is 1 hour ahead of Ghana and Benin Republic. Ensure you research to note the time difference between Nigeria and the country you are visiting, that way it becomes easy to keep track of time.
  5. Finally, face your fear: if your lack of experience in the aviation is due to a serious fear of flying, you will already be familiar with the various methods of overcoming your anxiety that are available to help you become a confident flyer. The more you travel, the more you will feel comfortable adapting to subtle or not.