This is Lagos,our city. Coming out on Thursday morning all shops locked leaving people with no option than to wait and perform the sanitation exercise.During the hours of 7  am -10 am looking at the shops in the street locked without you knowing what day of the week it is, but seeing the actions of people cleaning,also looking at the market men and women waiting for the time of the clock to zero them off from the option in order to display their wares.

Thursdays in Lagos is like a part in the commandment that says remember the Thursday, clean up and keep it.


Due to the Thursday sanitation exercise which brings about the close down of shops helps improve the market in terms of organization and neatness. Commercial buses and private drivers are able to move freely without Go Slow because the roads are always free during these hours no sellers by the road sides, no buyers carrying heavy loads and all.

Thursday is always a great day for some people i believe, you are able to walk freely without you looking back at someone who stepped on you or hit you while trying to create a passage for himself.

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No heavy trucks and wheel barrows full with loads trying to get you down.

No moments of madam sorry,no vex.

No traders by the roadsides shouting abeg no fall my market.

7 am -10 am on thursdays no insults and all. We just have to keep Lagos clean.