The  population of the city allows for various entrepreneur ventures. just imagine having to wake up as early as 4 am to meet appointment; to you, you think you are early enough wait till you get to the bus station to find people who have filled the bus station………..This simply means people don’t sleep in Lagos.

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The Lagos car traffic particularly in the morning and night is quite a hustle and to beat it requires smartness and early preparation otherwise you could be sitting in traffic for hours for a journey of probably forty minute.

There are so many comical activities surrounding traffic in lagos. It’s either the sound of bus conductors urging passengers to hold on to their change, or the arguments that go on between the local touts (popularly known as AGBEROS) over things that make no sense. Even road shows involving a lot of energetic dancing organized by companies to market their products are entertaining. Either way, you can be assured of getting free unadulterated humor and sometimes freebies Image result for traffic in lagos

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