Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic but unfortunately, it is a common occurrence in Lagos and commuters are aware of this. The Keke Napep has however proved to be adept at avoiding traffic. It is not uncommon to see a Keke Napep weaving through traffic with ease due to its size. Time is of the utmost importance and Lagosians try to beat it as much as possible. The Keke Napep seems to always save the day.

The alluring terrain of Lagos is unarguably one of its kind in Nigeria.The city houses a people who enjoy life as much as they work hard. Lagos,the city of hustle is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.

IMG_0016There seems to be a frenetic activity on the street of Lagos except of course during week parties popularly called ” Owambe”. The infamous “Danfos” Buses,Keke Napep, Okada, which are the major transports services in this city which helps to highlight the pace of the city.