Basic things that car owners should pay attention to are;

  • Adequately inflated tyres: pulling your tyres with air, be sure to set the car pump pressure according to the manufacturers recommendation located on the sticker of the driver’s side of the door frame.
  • Check your engine oil from the deep stick which is normally yellow in colour also you can check your transmission fluid by another deep stick which is always red in colour. A good indication of transmission and engine oil needs to be changed is when it’s changes colour from red to dirty black.TIPS3
  • The spark plug: it’s a tiny component including the cars engine which is a very important part of car ignition. In most cases if you have problem starting your car it simply means that your spark plug have worn out and need to be change.
  • Checking how much energy left in your battery: is usual done by a device called the indicator usually we will take our mechanic to have then check it.
  • Checking the brakes: it is not really difficult to know whether your brakes are not functioning properly , some of the symptoms involves spoiling brakes, longer brakes distance and just the regular feeling that your brakes are not responding  as they use to, please go to the mechanic for proper check .TIPS4
  • The Air filter: is responsible for air flow and the overall performance of your car. If you feel your car is not performing as they use to, it could be indication that your air filter is dirty and needs changing.
  • Radiator: is responsible for keeping the engine cool . However it is possible to refill it with water if cooling isn’t readily available.TIPS2
  • Knowing how to change your tyre in case of emergency firstly, ensure to pull over at the right side and then set your c-caution far from the vehicle. Always ensure that the jack is placed by the metal part of the vehicle and also be sure that the car is higher enough to reduce pressure also be sure to take your puncture tyre to the mechanic to have them fixed.
  • Know who to call during emergencies: you can also call your insurance company, your trusted family and friends, the emergency unit.