Government  warns against  road side trading yet the economy  do not permit  the poor Nigerians to trade in  a safe environment like having shops to sell. Those that  could not afford the expensive  shops

Continued selling on the road.  people sell by the road side not thinking of the danger  on the road, but it is dangerous to  do that, cause not only can it lead to the  lose of goods and properties but also of lives. Looking at what just happened in a market place location not known to us yet,


A truck  carrying concrete block just rams into a market place due to break failure, leading to lose of goods, injuries and death. Some bodies are still trapped underneath the truck  which people are trying to get them out. Now this a tragedy but also a warning to  all that sells on the road. Please do not sell by the road side and if you do not sell and if you do ,always  be vigilant.