In response to the popular demand for last week edition and people have been asking for plugs that are suitable for their cars. Here  is the right plug for Toyota Camry :Laser iridium IFR6T11 ngk.

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We invited Miss Cilia Oviri, that just acquired  Honda cross tour  and it requires ILZKR7B11 plug. There are different plugs for different casr, if you cannot find the particular plug for your car, call  Auto Xpat or  message us to get the real plug for your car. If you use any other plug that is not meant for the car, you are going to ruin the engine. If your mechanic does not know the original one, don’t change it, don’t manage plugs because if  you  do, you will damage the engine.

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It might interest you to  know the oil spec  for Honda Cross Tour, It requires OW20 and it has to be for gasoline engine because there are many factors put together . Unfortunately you can get it because filling  station don’t have it, but there are people who sell it, contact us

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Here are few questions  from Miss Cilia Oviri …………she asked? so what is the time range servicing and s how often should I bring it for checks?

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Engineer’s responds:  If you use the right oil, it is  twice  a year. when you used  Wrong  plug,  you have to be changing it all the time and the three types of plugs  are : standard, platinum and iridium. But I will advise viewers to use iridium because it will revive your engine.

Her: what causes overheating and how can I prevent overheating?

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Two things, your oil and the coolant, the coolant reduces the  temperature  and lubricate the water pump, when you use ordinary water you are  taking a  risk.

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Engineers advice: there are some cars you don’t  need to check for water level, the issue here is you must  use the right fluids, oil and plugs.


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