In Buthan country, drivers move around road junction without traffic lights or warden … like legit for real…. Sound impossible?

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Unthinkable looking at the rate of unlawlessness in our roads, can this system work in Nigeria?


Personally I feel this country at the stage of our lives is not psychologically ready for this and I will give you visible reasons:

  • Wrong usage of roads
  • Disobeying traffic rules
  • Always in a rush
  • Not friendly on the road
  • Smart driving rather than safe driving
  • Takes driving carelessly
  • Many did not attend driving schools
  • Most drivers or road users only obey traffic regulations when there is a traffic warden insight.

So imagine no traffic warden, no traffic light…. I don’t even want to think about it…. You know the rest… all the factors listed earlier well result to road crashes and accident traffic congestions on our  roads.

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We appeal to every road user, try as much as you can to be safety conscious and advice other to do so.