Why do we want to protect our lifestyle? It is because of eventuality of life such as death, critical illness and empowerment total disability can occur. This policy also allows you to be able to protect yourself financially in the events that you suffer any form of job loss, if I were you I will subscribe to this.

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The truth is that a lot of people are afraid of financial loss and you know this part of the country. You really can’t do without that some  its unexpected and that is why lead way  we are kind of showing love by bringing this kind of plan so that we can still help you to maintain that lifestyle you really want  to and I think you should subscribe. One of the beautiful way this policy enables you to maintain your lifestyle, is that it has the capacity to pay you compensation  for at least a minimum pay for a period of 10 years if you so desire it can pay your family, beneficiary, loved one. 10 years compensation such that they will continue to maintain the kind of life they were living when you were there with them.

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Leadway lifestyle policy helps a person protect your lifestyle or financial capabilities for at least a year. You can really subscribe for this policy for more than a year but the least is a year. The benefit of Leadway lifestyle policy includes:

  • When death occurs the family of the victim to continue the lifestyle they were in before.
  • Payment of salary from 6 to 12months in the bet of a job to sustain your lifestyle.
  • In the advent of critical illness or disability Leadway is ready to pay your bill to sustain your lifestyle.

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Honestly, am loving this policy and I think it’s the most suitable for Nigerians to enable them maintain that lifestyle, the kind of dream life that you really want to. Lead way I am saying thank you for bringing out such a good plan. So no matter the countries you can always keep up with your lifestyle just by signing up to lead way’s lifestyle plan