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Today on AutoGuide, the auto engineer host Mr. Patrick Okuwendia, will be checking a car that was brought to the workshop by a viewer. we find out whats going wrong with the car, why it is having such problem and the possible solutions.

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The car owner complained about the brakes, clearance and some signs by the sound in the engine.

The problem of the car is as follows:

  1. Wrong Engine Oil
  2. Wrong Brake Oil
  3.  Wrong Power Steering Oil
  4.  Steering Rack is Going Bad

He suggested the follow solutions

5w 30 engine oil will just be perfect for this car, twice a year will be okay

We are changing

Power steering Oil                                                                                                                                              Brake Oil                                                                                                                                                              Engine Oil

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In conculsion, it is evident that the wrong engine oil can create a major problem in your engine, if you have any problem with your car bring it to us by calling this number 08024245543.

We will give you a reasonable discount, remember its better to curb the problem before it set out of hand.