The work of art is priceless as it is a total representation of so many creations and character born of human imagination and creativities. Art is lively appreciated all over the world regardless of age disparity and spectra. You work so hard day and night effortlessly, trying to build a work of art or pay so much just to acquire one. What is your back out? Property not insured is like building a castle into the ocean.

On insurance today, we will be talking about the Art Insurance.

art insurance

What is Art Insurance? Art insurance is actually the first in the industry, so Leadway Assurance sorts out this policy which is essentially at all risk over. It covers the Art people against damage, loss, and either through fire, any incident that occurs within the premises where the art is been exhibited or where the art is stored and preserve, it’s also covers the movement, should you decide to move the art work over Nigeria.

Art insurance is like a package policy which is a four in one cover. Apart from the all risks, it also covers.

art insurance

Public Liability-if you have an incident happen during exhibition were someone injured, trap accidentally or maybe a flip when he or she is trying to do an art work or something of that nature, the public liability comes in.

Goods Consumer Accident- for exhibition, owners and also employees should you have maybe an art gallery with employees in it.

If you are moving around Nigeria with your art work is called Work Insurance, the Art insurance also covers this.

art insurance

One of the major thing that the insuring public or people are weary about with insurance, is the issue of chain settlement, with this it is devolved of any burecacy once you have an incident and you report it, all you need to do is get claim document filled out in 48hrs.

Do not waste any time, please sign up for the art insurance today, you won’t regret it.

A popular saying goes thus “Art is life, Life itself”

Ladway Assurance Company has always set the best when it comes to inventions and bringing up new development such as the Art Insurance