Are you one of those that says “tyre na tyre”, it might cost a life if you are not informed.

Tyres are very important. Tyres determined the speed of your car; it is the only point of contact with the road. Tyres come with its specification, speed ratings, weather and the likes inscribed on it and the owner’s manual.


Tyres determine the speed of your car, not your car. Tyres with C Specification are for commercial buses or trucks, they are designed to carry people, loads and their speed rating is 140km/h. They cannot run above 140, when they try, the tyres will start vibrating.

W, V tyres is for cars that requires high speed like the Range Rovers, Mercedes & BMW. V- tyres are good for Nigeria roads.

H- Speed tyres mostly come with temperature of 13 degree.

Temperature B is a risky type (During the rainy season, the type will work fine because the temperature is cool). Under a hot temperature, B is not good on Nigeria road. It cannot survive the heat.

S tyres is restricted tyres, it cannot go beyond 100/120kph. Winter tyres are mostly sold in Nigeria even though they do not fit our temperature. It get burst under hot temperature.

The key is, know the type of tyres your car requires, don’t be those people who just say “tyre na tyre”, be warned…..