Night live king, Shina Peller is the son of late Nigeria magician, professor Peller. He was popularly known for performing magic with his wife. Shina Peller is a Nigeria businessman, a philanthropist, and an industrialist. He was born in Lagos State, Nigeria on the 14th of May 1976. His parents hailed from Oyo State in Southwestern Nigeria. His well known as the owner of Quilox night club in Victoria Island Lagos. He is the Group chairman and CEO of Aquila \=-group of companies. He is also the CEO of Aquila oil and gas.

Check out Shina Peller’s car collecion



Shina-Peller-Flaunts-His-Car-Collection Shina-Peller-Flaunts-His-Car-Collection-3 Shina-Peller-Flaunts-His-Car-Collection-5 Shina-Peller-Flaunts-His-Car-Collection-7

HIS collection of luxury machines like;

  • Mercedes-benz -20million
  • Mercedes-benz GLK350 4matic 20million naira
  • Range Rover Sport HSE price between 34million naira -90million
  • Bentley price 130million naira
  • Ferrari is worth 600million naira and Lexus x7