Yesterday, which was the 29thof May marked as democracy day in Nigeria. Nigeria has been under Civilian rule for 19 years now without the Military intervention. Well, while observation was going on at Ogba road there’s a congested traffic jam. According to the report we got that the traffic jam was caused by the APC meeting at ACME road. Most drivers’ decided to through Ogba road and Aguda route, so many passengers at the Aguda bus stop waiting for vehicles.


Even the pedestrian were impatient to obey the traffic light and even the LASTMA officiers, while crossing the road, drivers also disobey the traffic light thereby causing more commotion on the road.

The road today was very busy, everybody tend to be going somewhere in a hurryIMG_6069

On getting to Ogba busstop from Aguda, there was also no sign of Keke/buses for passengers to board.

While trying to get some pictures a LASTMA officer insisted on knowing what we were observing and just gave his own point of view on the topic, he said the traffic jam was caused as a result of the APC meeting at ACME road.

Possible solution to this traffic jam, vehicles going to Alausa car pass through Wemco road to reduce the traffic jam