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“No matter how much you achieve in life, no matter how much you strive to gather things, no matter how you try to go beyond bound, no matter how much struggle you put in to be a man, you have to be mindful of your safety”.


My Life at the beginning….

Starting up music and earning fame without having money was a serious trouble, it was a lot of hiding and covering   face in the bus with face cap I remember those days that I didn’t have a car, then I began to get popular, I was becoming a TV personality, somebody that people had already began to recognize. No matter how bad things seems to be  hard for you , is just the ladder you are climbing because these things are not magic, God is not a magician, if you see the way God does things, He does it progressively. So whatever you are passing through, it just a ladder to greatness. Those days were not easy but today I have testimonies. I have four SUV


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Features about one of my car; Mercedes Benz

My car is a home out of my home, the only thing I don’t have inside it is a kitchen. It has a display screen; the dash board is so sensitive that if I want to reverse it tells me I can no longer watch TV because I want to drive. It shows me the display screen of where I am going, so I follow that. The air condition is just like that of an air plane, it comes up so heavy, and it is a three sitter. It has a camera behind that shows a lot about what is going on around. The car is called Elegance, if I turn off the car the side mirror shut off by itself. The wheels that came with the car is called Meandrous, is about the best wheels maker for Mercedes, is very strong and looks timeless