I have actually played a role for #1000, #3000 or #4000, LATEEF OLADIMEJI, say so

lateef 2

How as it been so far? Is been interesting, tough, terrible, a whole lot of hardwork put together, is not been easy though but am thankful.

How as it been for you when you don’t have a car, going from one location to another, what was the experience for you like? Is fun because is about my passion. So is always fun when I need to put my bag right behind me and then jump on a bike, to wait at the busstop for a long time, get into the bus and people will be looking  like “eleyi  o ti ra moto” (this one hasn’t gotten a car yet). Now that I have a car, is just more or like when you have to flash back to tough but today they are good memory because if I don’t have those tough time, today I can’t tell a story.

What are those challenges you might have faced? A whole lot of challenges, because entertainment in Nigeria is not money first, a lot of hardwork before your face could get registered in the mind of people and after then a lot of money will start coming in. I have actually play a role for #1000, #3000 or #4000, ridiculous money but today I am better off and am glad. For me I don’t see those challenges as anything, I see them as a drive that makes me want to get better.

How do you manage stress and still drive yourself? Is not easy, I try to get a bit of sleep from time to time. If I am on location and am not working, I would rather go inside my car and try to sleep and get a bit of rest. Drugs also, pain relief, cause I rarely sleep even if I finish on location, I still need to read , need to upgrade myself from time to time cause that is the o6nly thing that can make you relevant.

What is your take on insurance and is your car insured? Yes, it is important.

In one word, describe Lagos driving- Mad & Fun

Always give 100% to your driving, not driving and pressing phone; anything can happen in a twinkle of an eye, 100% concentration whenever you are driving.