Ekenedilichukwu Ijemba (Osinachi)

humble 3How can you describe life at the beginning before stardom? It a bit challenging but I thank God I was able to manage it. Living a life without a car ehn, every day I pay for cab to take me to wherever I want to go and all of that, but it all good just a matter of time. God has been awesome, grateful, God has being doing a whole lot for me, so I thank God for everything.

What brand was your first car? My first car was a Range Rover…in my dream, that’s my dream s.u.v

What are the vital parts of your vehicle you check? I check the tyres, the engine if there is need for me to add water or anything. I make sure I wash my car, just making it sure that the car is on point before leaving the house.

How carefully do you observe the traffic rules and other road signs? I do obey the traffic rules and every road signs. Some people think they can disobey the traffic rules that no one will see or catch them, just try and obey it; the rules are for our safety.

What is your speed limit within the town and on highway? Not too fast and not too slow.

What is your take on a special plate number and what kind of vehicle can you customized? Is not a bad thing, is just about people recognizing one, when they see your name on the car they will know you are the person, its shows that you are made your success. Any kind of car can have it even keke napep can have it, as long as is your car and you have the money.

Here is my message; Drives safely, No matter how slow you drive your car, you will still get to where you are going, so be careful while driving. Don’t drive for yourself alone, drive for others.