He is a film maker, CEO of golden premier production Limited.

Learn as shares his view on auto xpat

How was life when you started? I actually bought a car at a very young age and before I got my first car, I didn’t feel any difference using public transportation. I always love to ride in comfort. Taxis were easily available and readily available at that time, so mostly I rode in taxis. Before I became an actor, I was first into modeling. I rose up to be Nigeria first Choice Model. I use to ride a lot in taxi, I could remember then that my dad usually complaint that I was wasting money on taxis, but I needed to make him understand that as a celebrity in those times even before acting I could not be seen everywhere because those are times where models are actually celebrated, I was the top then. I rode mostly in taxis before I actually got my car.

What brand was your first car? My first car was actually a Tokubo(foreign used) America Spec, Honda Accord.

How often do you check your car? I check the engine oil, the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) for the power steering and all to ensure it is up to gauge, the engine oil then the brakes, the headlights’ and the tryes gauge.

How carefully do you observe the traffic rules and other road signs? I try to obey them all the time because I know those rules were meant for safety. When driving I know it is very important to observe them so that I drive safe, keep safe and also keep other people safe. I try my best to obey the rules almost all the time especially the traffic lights, I don’t joke with it at all.

What is your speed limit within the town and on highway? I try my best to keep within the speed limit. Within town I drive as slow as the speed limit states, while on high way, I drive my car a little bit because all my cars are tends to be speed cars but I don’t indulge myself in over speeding just because the cars can achieve all that. So I drive within the safe limit

What is your take on a special plate number? I don’t see anything wrong with that. My SUV has a private number and a customized number. I have the right to indulge myself a little if you’ve worked hard enough.

What is your take on Auto Insurance? Auto insurance is a compulsory, particularly for a vehicle, even though there is a law guiding that.  Auto insurance helps one in case of anything, both for you and others

Here is my message; Drives safely, don’t be so much in a hurry to get anywhere, drive safely as you should.