How was it when you start music? I never knew I was going to be like this, I was just working.

How was life at the beginning without a car? The best means for me then was my Okada (Motorcycle). It takes me everywhere.

What brand was your first car? The first car I ever drove was not my car neither was it for my Mum or Dad, it was a friend car. He had two cars, he gave me one car. I learnt how to drive with that car and I drove the car for years, it was Toyota Camry. The first car I got with my money was Hyundai Santa, it wasn’t new, and my first car was a bad car.

How often do you check your car? I check the engine oil, radiator if there is water.

How carefully do you observe the traffic rules and other road signs? I do, very well. I am a kind of person that loves this cruise lane. If am having interview for 4pm, I will leave my house 2pm. I don’t get there and start begging or horning at someone driving right before me that has no problem.

What is your speed limit within the town and while on the highway? With the kind of car drive, I just set it to 50km/h.

What is your take on a special plate number? Is not that I like it, but at a particular time while I was growing, before I started having face, there are places I can’t go to. But I have two plate no, I was give one by the federal government, for Ambassador for peace and I have one too. I love to cover my customized plate number because any junction I stay, I will have to pay.

What is your take on Auto Insurance? Yea, is very good, especially when you have a good company that runs it and when you can update it regularly and they do all that for you.

What feature do you like in your car? If am driving and someone is driving behind my car, it gives me a signal that someone is close, it gives warning alert, I can set the speed limit and it won’t pass it.