How was life at the beginning without a car? I couldn’t imagine myself then. Because I was in school, most of my friends will come to school with their car, I will be like when am I going to ride a car in my life but one thing about life is, whatever will be will be. Just for you to always stick to what you know how to do best. I never expected this coming soon, the Grace of God, hard work and the believe I have in myself. Everything is like a dream, that I can always drive all these things here. There was something I actually prayed for while I was younger and it cool, I never though is coming so fast, am just happy everything  is coming. Just like motivation for me, to let people know out there that everything is possible, so whatever you know, keep believing in yourself. Keep bringing or doing the best out of you. One day everything is going to pay you.

What band was your first car? Am a car freak, so I drive different kinds of car. some because of my company, cause of myself, cause of my producer. Camry 2012 model.

What is you speed limit within the town and on the highway? I don’t drive beyond 40km/h-60km/h when am in the town, but while on the highway i go 80km/h-100km/h.

How carefully do you observe traffic lights and other road signs? For the fact that I am driving, I am a law abiding citizen. I need to be careful about everything around me and in my environment. Even if I am driving on the way that I don’t even understand or know anything about it, I look at the road signs. All thanks to Lagos state government, every street has a sign on them either where to have to turn (a U-turn sign) or not.

What is your take on auto insurance? Left to me I will say, some people still see Nigeria as under developed county, which they think we don’t actually have right to some kind of things, qualities. But I feel with time people will understand how so important insurance is. For instant, things that you know that are very expensive, you have to insure them. Incase anything might happen to them, they need to get the understanding and mentality about insurance itself.

What is your take on Auto Insurance? Because of the nature of my job, sometimes I will have shows in Ibadan and from there I will go to Abeokuta, from Abeokuta to Ondo and I know there is no way I can get a commercial flight to those places, that is the reason why I don’t go out alone, I go out with two different drivers with me in the car. Basically what cause this is that some people drive and drink, drink and drive, drive and smoke. All these things extra charge your energy, it brings them out at a place that is not needed before you know, you get tired easily but before you know it there is an occurrence of accident