Insurance is basically divided into 4. We have;

  • Marine,
  • Life
  • Fire and
  • Accident.


One key thing about fire insurance is that it has 26 perils. Flood is cover under fire. These are natural occurrence and accident but sad enough. Do you know that with your fire cover, you can be compensated if your properties were damaged with   flood; there is no doubt about it. Insurance is what you need to have before the need arise, because when the needs arises, is already late. You need insurance in every aspect of your life, why is it so? Risk is the chance of the lost occurring, whatever you have, including life, it could be lost. So risk is the chances of the occurring, wherever there is risk, insurance is needed. Therefore, risk, everyone is exposed to it and because wherever everything found, insurance is needed. It implies that everyone and everything needs insurance. You need insurance in every day of our life, Leadway Assurance Company is here to serve and we are going all out reaching you wherever you are.