OUR SAFETY AMBASSADOR; Ibikunle Solomon Lekan (Kyla Cole)

How was life at the beginning without a car? I wouldn’t say is hard, because I was not born with having a car. I will say car is a part of Luxury, so everyone wishes to have one. So I think life without a car is not challenging.

What band was your first car? it was Honda. It is called bull dog, farbacom 2008.

How often do you check your car? it’s normal procedure to follow, once I wake up, I check the radiator, the water level, the engine oil, to see if everything is intact.

What features do you like about your car? Speaker, why? Because is up to date, intact. It gives me what I want.

What is your take on Auto crash? It is not a good thing when someone is involved in an auto crash. Sometimes you wouldn’t know, cars are just like human beings. Sometimes, it might be the brake that fails or something. What I will say is you have to be cautious, careful, be sure your car is up to fit for driving. Ensure your brake pads are intact, gear oil and everything about the car.

What is your take on auto insurance? It is good to insure your car just for safety reasons, you never can tell, anything might happen. My car is insured.

What is your speed limit while driving within town and on highways? In town, I go below 50km/h while on highway I go 70-80km/h. it depends on how free or smooth the road is.

When it rains you have to be careful cause is not always clear, don’t run, cause were you are going to, you will surely get there. Be careful at this period in time.

Hi, every one my name is Ibikunle Solomon Lekan, known as, Cyprus 1st son or Shaku Shaku Master, please, drive safely and watch Auto Xpat….it your guide to safety.