I am Femi Adebayo, Nollywood Actor and a Film Maker.


My career without a car at the   beginning was really had? E no easy o. I remembered those days, it was even fun then because I wasn’t famous and still enjoy the fact that I want to jump buses. I stayed back in Ebutemeta, Oyingbo to be precise. When I have the opportunity of going out, because daddy doesn’t want me to go out, so I have the opportunity to jump bus and those buses don’t stop at the bus stop, you have to jump on them, to come down I have to jump down from it cause they don’t stop at the bus stop. So life without a car was hmmmmmmm.

What band was your first car? My first car was Mercedes Benz 230E, is not tokubo, but Nigerian  used, because it was actually a gift from my father to me. Dad brought is as tokubo, used it for several years and gave it to me. Then I was really feeling, ehn omo I get car, try to go to where I am not expected to go to because I have a car, it was good.

 Do you pay attention to traffic lights? I obey traffic rules all the time, even at the middle of the night were no vehicles were coming. These rules are meant to be obeyed not because I don’t want to get punished but because of the safety of my own life and other people’s lives. I obey traffic rules all the time and I employ all fans to obey them too.

How often do you check your car? I ensure my driver checks the tryes every morning, check the water in the radiator, check the engine oil, check the light, my trafficator and all to ensure the car is suitable and fit to go on the road.

What is your speed limit while driving within town and on highways? Within town I ensure my driver doesn’t do more than 40km/-50km/h maximum and on the express 80km/h-100km/h because there is a great advantage if you don’t over speed. You are still in control of your car and if anything should happen on the way, you can actually control your car.

What is your take on Auto crash? I believe that to a reasonable extent like 70-75 percent would have taken care of our safety by checking all those things I mentioned before going out and by not over speeding and by obeying traffic rules. I employ all my fans to ensure all these things are done, 75% you are sure of safety. That I know and with God on our side we would be good.

What is your take on customized plate number? Am totally indifferent about customized plate number. For security reasons, I would not customize my plate number. Personally for security,  I advise not to customize plate number, but am actually indifferent about it. I don’t customize my plate number.

What is your take on vehicle insurance? There are lots of advantages if you insured your car, against car accident and all. As for me I insured all my cars.

Hi, every one my name is Femi Adebayo please, drive safely and watch Auto Xpat….it’s your guide to safety.