• Sir, I drive a Nissan xterra suv, it emits smoke and short engine oil and is just a year old, what can I do and what is likely the cause? Dele from VI.

You are using the wrong oil. The oil recommended is 5w30 and you have been using 20w50. Flush the engine and use the proper engine oil.

  • Sir, I heard you spoke about oil specification, but there is no oil specification on mine. I use Camry 2004 it just number, no particular oil name.

2004 Camry uses 5w30 API SL. They must have changed the oil chamber cover hence it is not stated. Make sure it is the oil that is suitable for gasoline oils and not those oils that works with both gasoline and diesel.

  • Patrick, I watch Autoxpat on Sunday were you talked about range rover, is it possible to replace spring with air suspension, Ayo from Lekki.

Very possible but if the components for the air suspension are still there, all that is needs is to replace the balloons.

  • Hi Auitoxpat, keep the good job goping. My name is Balogun from Ipaja, I will love to come for some training on vital part on my car, hoe possible is that and like what do I need to know?

It is possible and it is better we know what you want to know on your car. One Saturday is enough.

  • My name is Bayo, I drive Volvo s80, and it swipes to the right when I step on my brake pedal.

Your brake pads are worn and it is affecting the brake disc. Change them as soon as possible.

  • Sir, my oil keeps reducing, what could be the problem? I use Toyota Sienna 2004, am Segun from Apapa.

You have been using the wrong oil. Look for 5w30 Gasoline, only engine oils and flush the engine.

  • Sir I noticed my car doesn’t steam in the morning, is it normal? Lanre from Enilolobo.

Do you warm the car in the morning? It is not necessary. Just start and go.

  • My name is femi from Ogba, I use a manual car, Opel, and sometimes it fails to engage in a (Gear 1
    &2 but moved with 3), what could be the problem?

There is no oil in the gear. Just go to any lube station and let them drain the old oil and use clean EP90 oil.

  • Please Autoxpat, I watch one of your episodes about carbon system, does it work for every car? Alaba from Berger

All cars and yes very well.

  • How will I know I my plugs needs replacement, Sarah from Agege.

If your car vibrates and the fuel consumption is high, yes, it is time but the most important thing to note is that every car has its own spark plug. Let us know the car you are using and we will let you know the right plugs for your car.

  • Sir, I notice my brake fails and hold, is it normal, Grace from Lekki, I use EOD

Check your brake oil. There must be air in the brake system.

  • Hello Autoxpat, please, what is your YouTube handle; can you train our drivers in our company? Mr. Ben from Agbara.

Autoxpatpro on YouTube. Yes we can train them on all aspect of road safety, fuel management and vehicle maintenance.

  • How do I differentiate problem with tyrod, ball joint and stabilizer linkage4 in my car? I drive Toyota 4runner, Charles from Berger.

Different sounds. When you enter a bad stretch of rosd, the one that swerves is your bushings and tyrods. The linkage makes koko sounds while the ball joints makes kunkun sounds