Hi everyone is your safety ambassador. To let you know what you don’t know about my profession before talking about Safety, I started acting career in 2000 professionally, am also a producer.


How was life at the beginning without a car? It was difficult jumping on bikes, keke and buses everywhere especially when I was on heels (high shoes) for me in Noolywood, I wasn’t just an actress; I was also into modeling and ushering. And most of the time I have to be on my 6 inches and to take a bike with the skimpy dress wasn’t easy.

What band was your first car? I think I am a Toyota freak. Why is because most of the mechanic here in Nigeria knows how to fix Toyota been a common, sometimes you give them a problem to solve they added another problem to it. And with our road here in Nigeria Toyota is more durable, I think I love it.

What features do you like about your car: Mine is just to drive and feel good.

How often do you obey the traffic rules and road signs? i obey it all the time, because as a celebrity you have to live by examples. I obey all the rules all the time.

How often do you check your car? I think I do that twice a week  to check the oil,water,battery terminal and brake fluid, These are the  vital things I check.

How do you manage stress? I love to rest a lot and sleep. When am not, writing or doing anything, I sleep and drink a lot of water and bitter leave juice. I eat a lot of fruits, I don’t eat junks

What is your take on Auto Insurance? Insurance is very good in the sense that if you have an accident, your insurance company can provide a temporary vehicle for you to use pending on when they have your vehicle fixed. My car is insured.

Have you being involve or witness an auto crash / accident? Yes, most times either am been hit from behind or front . On 23 March 2016, I was coming from my area going to a location in Ayobo. When I got to Owode, I turned and there was no car behind me, there was a car in front, the car was waiting, and there was another one coming with iron which I had to wait for, as the one coming with iron could not move well, so I had to wait patiently, but before I could know, this   trailer hit me from behind, my air beg exploded, the two air bags. I managed  to jump out of the car to the BRT lane, I was carried to the hospital and some test were  ran on me and I was told am okay, just sustained  little injury on my legs, all thanks to God.

What is your take on customize plate number?  What for? You want people to know about you, if somebody like Dangote doesn’t have, then? I think is a show off and unnecessary.