How was life at the beginning without a car? My story is very interesting. It was from grace to grass to grace, I was born into a very popular family; my father was a late Ambassador, Emmanuel Obe. We live most of our live outside the country, so I had access to a lot of cars. I lost my dad in 1978 and things took a turn around, it was worse. We came back to Nigeria with  my mum starting live all over again because she had never worked, so all that while going to school, moving around was always with public transport and all of that.


What brand was your first car? Beetle was my first car, I got it in 1992. And I used it for about 4-5 years. Then things started getting better, we were coming to the industry.

What year did you release your first album? It was released in 1998. But before then we’ve been going out.

What are the features you enjoy in your car? I sit at the back, what I like is space. As long as I can relax more comfortable in it and I can relax, more than enough space for me to do whatever I want to at a time. The fridge, DVD player, a little bit home comfort in the car.

What do you check before you start your engine in the morning? I make sure my driver check the water level, the brake oil, engine oil and tyres

How careful do you observe traffic lights and other road signs? Traffic law are very important, I obey them all the time. Although, because of the nature of my job, I drive at night, and the traffic light is is always on amber then I   slow down, look left and right, if there is no vehicle coming you might want to bit the traffic light for security reasons, If during the day I observe it all the time.

What is your take on Auto crash? A lot of time, I found out that the truck drivers and commercial vehicle drivers, because of the fact that they are going a long way or long distance, they will want to take stimulant to keep them awake and I think the best stimulant you can take to keep you awake for a long time is sleep. A lot of people don’t realize how much drugs and alcohol affect the reflects, especially when you see something, your response time and how you react to it. I think that is the no. 1 cause of accident.

What speed limit do you observe? It depends on what the recommended speed limit is. Most of the time, we always ignore road signs but they are always there, you will see it either 80,60,50 or 20km/h. always be at alert to this, make sure you spot where it is written, what the speed limit is and keep it.